school_buss_400It's every new home buyer's fear that they will forget something important when buying a home.  Even if you complete the home inspection on a house that meets your basic home search criteria and that meets with your approval, there are still many other factors to consider.  This is a list of things to look for when you are buying a home beyond the number of bedrooms and bathrooms so that you don't forget something important.

Quality Of The Neighborhood

When you are looking at buying a home then you want to look at the neighborhood that the home is in.  To get a feel for what kind of neighborhood the home is in you want to visit on different days and at different times.  You want to see it during the day and after dark as well as during the week and on…

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new_house_400Many people look at the housing market with a degree of trepidation.  They wonder if now is the right time to buy a house or if they should put off the purchase of a new home until the market is better.  This is a question that should be answered with knowledge instead of fear.  So the question remains.  Should you buy a house now?

You Can Get Great Deals On Homes Anytime

It is good to begin answering this question by acknowledging that you can get great deals on homes anytime.  It may be more work in the current housing market or you may stumble right into a great deal.  Just don't assume from the start that because other people are having trouble then you will too.  You could get lucky and find your dream home tomorrow 

What About The Housing…

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accept_an_offer_400One of the tricks of selling your home for all you can is knowing when to accept an offer from a home buyer and when to reject it.  Sometimes the answer is an obvious one while other times you may not be sure what to do.  Here are some thoughts to mull over when you are deciding on whether to accept an offer to buy a house.

How Much Are They Offering?

Start off by taking a look at the offer.  Is it the asking price?  Is it more?  Is it less?  If an offer to buy your home is at or above the asking price then you probably want to accept the offer.  If it is below the asking price then you want to ask yourself how far below the asking price it is.  Then you need to decide if you are willing to wait and take the risk that you might not get a better one. …

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